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The Sims Mobile Hack

EA Sports have made a triumph in life simulation game through their sim series. Finally, their entry to the mobile gaming market has gathered more players to play the Sims mobile.

The gameplay is different than its earlier console versions as you have to worry about getting Simoleons and SimCash and that is the prime concern. If you visit any Sims forum, one question is common, and that is how to get Simoleons and Sim cash.

There are plenty of the Sims Mobile Cheats to collect these currencies. In this post, we will explain all possible ways including the best sims mobile hack which can enable you to be free to play gamer.

Top 10 The Sims Mobile Cheats & Hacks : Earn Free Simoleons Simcash

1. Concentrate on Daily To-Do List

The first the Sims mobile hack to collect Simoleons is to complete all your daily tasks. In the bottom right of your game screen, you will find these To-Do lists, and that is the mine to collect Sim cash as well.

Daily if you complete two relationship or family events, you will collect 105 Simoleons, and if you buy one lifestyle item, you will get another 40 Simoleons. Also simply changing your looks like earrings or watches, you can collect another 35 Simoleons. So completing these three simple task, you can receive 180 Simoleons daily.

Some tasks reward you with gems, and you can collect them easily by completing these tasks.

To-do list is also an excellent opportunity to collect some energy which helps you level up in the game. But never trust any the Sims mobile mod apk.

2. Collect the Daily Login Rewards

Do not forget to log in the game as it will give you some prizes in the form of Simoleons, Energy or SimCash. It is the easiest the Sims mobile hack that you must follow. You need not play the game after that, but consistency is always necessary. However, if you play the game with the Sims mobile mod apk unlimited money, you may not get this daily bonus.

3. Complete Quests & Collect SimCash

Quests are another easy the Sims mobile hack to receive the Simoleons. When you go for the quest tab, you will find the Quests that you can complete. Quests are essential if you want to grab SimCash.

Some of the most relaxed events in Sims mobile are career events, hobby events and Relationship events. These events are time-based, and you can complete them after a specific time. However, you will require some energy to take part in these events.

4. Take Shorter Tasks to Earn More

Next Sims mobile cheat is to complete more jobs in the game. You can achieve more tasks and get more Simoleons. All you need to choose shorter duration tasks. These tasks require less Energy and therefore, can be completed when your energy bars are not full.

5. Take Longer Tasks When You Are Away

After you take up any job, it gets completed automatically. You don’t need to do any unique work, and hence you can log out from the game also. The Sims mobile hack is useful while you are willing to take a break. Take a task that requires a longer time to complete. In general, you have to wait for a specific time to get rewards. But when you are away from the game, the time required is consumed from your break. After you log in again, the task is completed. So you can grab the SimCash quickly.

6. Choose Traits Carefully

You can choose Traits for your Sim that affects the reward system. There are three-starred traits, and that is the most straightforward Sims mobile cheat to collect some additional bonus apart from the regular one. When you have higher Traits, you will receive more rewards that you can use in different events and relationship status.

7. Do Not Hate Advertisements

Promotional ads may be annoying in the game, but they are excellent the Sims mobile hack to collect the game currencies. In Sims mobile, you will find a sign of video play button, and that is the key to obtain the extra cash. You have to watch the ad until the timer stops; otherwise, you will not receive the reward. Playing through the Sims mobile hack apk will not give you any such opportunity to get these rewards.

8. Have Some Party

Arrange parties and bring your friends to your home. However, you must also take part in different parties as these are significant cheats for Sims mobile. If you win the Life prize at the Party, you will earn Simoleons, and that is the best part.

9. Create More Sims to Earn More

The number of Sim you have on the Sims mobile will determine rewards. You can complete multiple events at the same time when you deal with two or more Sims. These are the Sims mobile cheats to collect more tokens also.

10. Spend Simcash Effectively

Sim cash is the hard-earned cash of your Sims, and you need not waste them. Do not spend any SimCash in fancy decorations abut you must consume them in your hobby, career and health.

One of the Sims mobile cheats that we must suggest for effective use of Sim cash is to buy sim slots. If you have more slot your mystery reward options increases. It will cost you 175 sim cash, but that will give you another opportunity to collect the mystery reward different than that is revealed.

How to Earn Tokens in the Sims Mobile?

Tokens are the premium currency in the Sims mobile, which has various category. You can buy items with a Token in the buy mode- whereas Party Tokens are used to arrange parties. Many players struggle to collect tokens from the game, and their Sim’s life gets stuck into a similar job.

The reason is they are unaware of the Sims mobile cheats to collect tokens. So here is our guide about standard Tokens and how to receive them.

Career Tokens

What are Career tokens in the Sims mobile?

You will find some blue coloured tokens that look like a briefcase. Those are career tokens are all related to choosing some premium career in the game.

How to collect Career tokens?

Career tokens can be obtained completing a career task. When your Sim take up any career and complete the job, then the rewards are received. The Sims Mobile cheats to collect career tokens is to go for long-duration careers. Also, you must take up that when you are going on a break for the game. When you return, the job will be completed, and you will receive the token.

Hobby Tokens

What are Hobby tokens in the Sims mobile?

Hobby tokens are kite-shaped blue tokens that are used to choose an excellent hobby for your Sim. Your Sim needs to master some hobby and collect them.

How to collect Hobby tokens?

One of the easiest the Sims mobile cheats android to collect hobby token is to take up a hobby for mastering things that unlock a book self. These tokens are merely the mystery rewards that are received by completing the mystery events. So the more mystery event you can take part you will gain more of these tokens.

Party Tokens

What are Party tokens in the Sims mobile?

In Sim’s life, Party is an essential event, and you can throw Party to socialise with others and collect some fashionable goodies. But you will require a blue coloured balloon token to throw a party at your house.

How to collect Party tokens?

Attending more birthday and anniversary parties, you will receive party points. Collecting more Party points is the Sims mobile cheats android to gain Party tokens. The more contribution you make in the party events you will earn more points and in turn more party token.

Rare Tokens

When you host some specific type of Party, you will receive some Rare tokens. Yes, apart from these standard token there are dozens of Rare tokens which can be collected at random gift from the gameplay. But if you are using the Sims mobile hack apk, forget them forever.

There are a few more tips on tokens which you must know. There is no specific way of purchasing the Tokens, and they are collected at random completing events.

Do not run after household boost and spend your sim cash. There is no surety that you will receive a rare token.

If you are at a higher level, you have more likelihood to receive rare tokens.

The Sims Mobile Hack For Energy Meter

All you Sims will require Energy to complete any task in the game, but you have a cap of Energy. You do not have unlimited Energy in the game, and hence it will hinder your action unless you gain Energy. To start with any hobby, career or Party, you will require more Energies. Beginning a relationship will also require more Energy. Following are the Sims mobile hack which gives your energy level at a decent level.

Use night time to fill the Energy

Energy gets refilled in the Sims mobile, and you will get one Energy every two minutes. The Sims mobile hack to use it optimally is to spend all your Energy at night or in the time when you take a leave. If you keep some emery in your game, the meter will be stopped after it reaches the max. So when you use up all the most use of the timer is done.

Specific tasks give Energy

Some work gives you daily Energy and here are the Sims mobile cheats:

  • Send your Sim to the toilet every two hours and collect two energy
  • Take a shower on five hours and collect five energy
  • Send your Sim to bed every 23 hours and collect ten energy points.
  • Take a bubble bath after level 17 and collect 15 energy points in every ten hours.

The tip is to perform all these works while you actively play. If you send your Sim to do these works at night, there will be wastage of the energy gain.

Final Few Tips to Improve Your Gameplay

  • When Sims are old, send them for retirement. You will receive heirlooms that will unlock new career and features in the game.
  • While decorating your room with furniture, you must keep your career objective or hobby in mind like getting a bookcase can improve your hobby.
  • Get connected with your friends and get relationship points. When you visit your friend’s house, you also gain Energy.
  • Do not change our career and hobbies frequently as that will waste your hobby tokens.
  • Bring more friends in your Party as each of them will share ten energy points among the attendees.
  • Never believe any untrusted source and download the Sims mobile mod apk. You will not get any SimCash.

Wrap Up

The Sims Mobile simulation is an ultimate satisfaction to run a virtual life through Sims. All the Sims mobile cheats can be useful to play the game without interruption, and you can be benefited as a Sim.