how to get married in the sims mobile

Sims mobile is one of the best games to play. If you are also playing the game and want some tips on how to get married in the Sims mobile, then here we are giving you the guide that helps you to get married in the game.

There are lots of players who are playing the game for some time now, and they might be thinking of settling down. But, don’t have any idea about how to get married in the sims Mobile and how to search for that unique sim?

Even if you find that unique sim, then also how will you convince them to get marry and tie the wedding knot? These entire questions may strike in your mind while playing the game.

Here in this guide, we have tried to capture all the things you want to know about how to get married in the sims mobile, and also, we are mentioning the about the romantic and platonic relationships.

We will also focus on what to do if the sim wants to get a break out of the relationship because we are used to playing the game continuously.

How to Begin the Friendship?

Well, we all know that any relationship will start from the introduction, then the friendship will bloom. Friendship is the base of any relationship. But, what direction you want to give this friendship will depend on the choices you make in the game.

In this game, you can easily be a friend with other Sims who are walking on the streets, and you can start a friendship by tapping on him or her.

Then you will see the options, and you should select from those. You can choose any one of the option, and this will decide how you want to proceed with the relationship.

For example, if you select a friendly introduction, then you will receive a bit of experience and can start a friendship event with him or her.

Post this; you have to decide what kind of friendship you want to develop by choosing from the below-given options.

  • Two Odd Peas in a Pod
  • Raincheck, Please
  • Soundtrack of Soul
  • BFFs Forever
  • Geek Speak
  • Misery Loves Company
  • Sports buddies &
  • Art Aficionados

Now, all this is about how to develop the friendship relation, but what about the unfriendly relationships?

While introducing yourself, if you select the adverse route, then you will get some options like Arch-Nemeses, Frenemies, and old rivals from which you can choose one so that you will be in unfriendly relationships.

Romantic Relationships – How to Propose, Be Together and Get Married

The flirty introduction is the important way through which you can start the romantic relationship with the Sims. Once you finish this introduction, then you will get an option for a first date in a café, and then you can select your lover’s story. You have to select one of the options from the list given below to start a romantic relationship:

  • More than a friend with benefits
  • A Missed Connection
  • Secrete Crush
  • Tainted Love
  • Soulmates
  • The Fixer-Upper

Is the Sims React according to the Stories?

The stories you choose will affect the behavior of the Sims. For instance, if you choose a Fixer-Upper relationship for one sim and Soulmates for another sim then the earlier sim will have a difficult time pulling off the dangerous actions than the later one.

Is it Possible to Date a Friend?

Yes, just like real life, you can take a friendship to the next level in the game as well. If you begin with a friendly introduction and want to give it a love direction, then you can change the relationship communication from the list of interaction options. You can change your relationship interaction to Rival, flirty, or friendly.

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Once you change your interaction options, then you will also have new event options. This will work for any type of relationship.

How Can You Get a Sim To Move In With You?

You have to unlock the 8th relationship level with the given sim so that you will get options to ask your loved ones to move in with you.

When can you propose?

You will get the propose option before you ask a sim to move in with you. I know it is weird, but the propose options will be available once you finish off with the 7th relationship level.

Getting Married In the Sims Mobile Game

Well, marriage is a bit hectic and patience checking task, whether it will be in real life or a game no matters at all. You need a lot of energy to get married in this game. Here is the step by step guide to get married in Sims mobile game.

  1. You have to raise your game experience level at 7, and then only you can unlock the options to get married in the game.
  2. Then you have to propose the sim to get in with you. Once your proposal is accepted, then go to the next step.
  3. This step is essential because, without shopping, you can’t perform the wedding event, so once you have finished the wedding collection items. Follow the simple guide to find them.
  • On the right-hand side of your game screen, you can unlock the furniture menu.
  • Press the build menu image.
  • Press on the home item collection.
  • Then you have to swipe out all the options till the time you get the wedding collection.
  • From this wedding collection, you have to buy the three items and keep them in your yard.
  1. As soon as you finish the wedding collection, you will unlock the options to get married. Select the loved one from your list, and the wedding will begin.

If you fail to reach the 8th level of a relationship, then you have to continue with the romantic relationships, events, and dates prior to unsealing the actual marriage event called “Becoming Wise Compromisers.”

I hope you will get all the information on how to get married in the Sims mobile game. Go through the detailed guide given by us, and don’t forget to share your valuable feedback with us.

Stay connected for more details. Till then, enjoy gaming!